Zylot pic advance


I guess this has nothing wrong to show here.

I worked all day at home, I take advantage of that I'm cold, and I have 2 days to "rest" and tomorrow will continue to work on new updates to my website.

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2 comentarios:

  1. Dam! Ur art is so hot! The bodies and the chisled faces! The shading and sharpness are perfect. I love your style! :-) dont worry about the haters. Its your art and your life. Do whatever the hell you want. Im a fan and will always be :-)

    1. Thank you very much buddy, well I did not know anyone hated, in fact, I thought that people did not look at my drawings. but I was wrong, I saw that some published in "tmblr" some of my arts. I dont know if fan or haters. My partner should know much more about that.

      I have two work and reason why I'm not aware of what is happening on the internet. I just posting pictures. and answer some messages. :) , so thanks for your message. hugs!