Nuew updates and new payment methods

there are new updates for members in wonder-lux.net

here is a  preview of them.

Both were suggested by members 

Also there is a new way to join, easier, accept visa, master card and others ;), please check carefully the join section for those who ar einterested


Set images


New update for wonder-lux.net
please excuse my self beacuse I was I'll and udpates this month were late.




whassap guys, I'm here again after me being sick for some days, the winter on this side of the planet is killing me I want sun! please please please!!!


Saturday to work!!


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Zylot pic advance


I guess this has nothing wrong to show here.

I worked all day at home, I take advantage of that I'm cold, and I have 2 days to "rest" and tomorrow will continue to work on new updates to my website.

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ZYLOT process


Making this new pic of my OC "Zylot" 

No more Blogger +18 ?


More clothes for art yaoi on Blogger
Yes, unfortunately all the posts here will by modified to be shown. only be possible to see the uncensored versions  Y-gallery, Pixiv,  and total uncensored versions on my official website wonderlux

In these last months I've been super busy, and for that reason had not had much time to post new jobs.

fingers crossed that blogger not close our blogs.